Well done, Flip Camera!

I just wanted to take this momentary break from video editing to praise the equipment Swyzzle has been using to capture video: our delightful Flip Video. For our purposes, this is a stellar piece of equipment. The Flip is tiny enough that our subjects don’t find it impossible to ignore during an interview. Most importantly, however, is the video quality: although it lacks a flash and the ability to use manual focus, I’ve never missed these features even in low lighting. The features it does have are clever: the pop-out usb connection is genius, and the screen is bright and durable with easy-to-navigate buttons. Sound is remarkably clear, although if there is a lot of background noise you may have to use a video editing program after the fact to clean it up.!flip!

Besides Swyzzle shows, I’ve seen these used for home movies, video notes, and video blogging…and nearly everyone I’ve talked to has loved their Flip from day one. They’re the video equivalent of carrying around a digital camera in your pocket wherever you go–and they’re rugged enough to take the beating of everyday use. I highly reccommend you check them out…at around $130, it’s definitely worth a shot.

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