Welcome to a brave new Swyzzling world

Dear denizens of the internet,

In our quest to create Swyzzle, we read a lot of blogs about technologies like AJAX and Flash, media companies like CNN, and social networking sites like YouTube and Facebook. While some of them were entertaining and informative, they all would have been more effective if they had mixed media. So Swyzzle works the same way you upload videos to YouTube or pictures to Flickr, you can upload media clips like video, pictures, sound and text. Then, you build your show by dragging your clips right onto the player and arranging them, kind of like you are making a scrap book.

After we chose bloggers as our target market, we set up meetings with between 10 and 20 of them to test our product concept. One meeting with pizza pro Jeff Varasano, who counted over half a million readers of his blog dedicated to how to make the perfect pizza, told us that his income from Google AdSense is a paltry $100 every two months. And because he recommends it, people who read his blog spend $500 on the mixer, pizza pans and spatulas[JO1] he uses. He doesn’t want his web site to be a store, so he gets nothing. We left the meeting with the goal for Swyzzle to help bloggers like Jeff make money from the products they recommend, while preserving their objectivity.

We decided that Swyzzle should connect the reader to the recommended products. So Swyzzle connects the blogger, the reader and Amazon.com’s inventory.[JO2] The result is that Swyzzle lets show authors insert a product thumbnail inside the show for any product he recommends. If the viewer chooses to buy the product, the author gets a commission on the sale. If 100 people bought the mixer because of Jeff’s recommendation, he’d make $2000-$4000. This possibility sounded a lot better to Jeff–and we’re hoping it lights you up as well.

We hope you enjoy using Swyzzle. We’re confident in our diagnosis of the issues facing bloggers today and our creation of this solution. Let us know what you think, and stay in touch.


Mark Krikorian
CEO, Swyzzle.com

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