Update: Product Panes Redesign!

After some furious late-night coding, Mark and Laurie have created another wonderful update for Swyzzle–a complete redesign of the way your products appear in your Swyzzle shows! The previous blog post about resizing your show to fit your products is no longer true–your produts now appear below your show in a very slick looking ‘cover flow’-style design. This means no more budgeting space on the right side of your design area to leave room for product thumbnails! Feel free to now fill the entire stage with your pictures, videos and text. Here’s a look at our first Celebrity Holiday Wish List to illustrate the new design: 

</p> <p>Cateye TL-LD130 LED Bicycle Tail and Safety Light (Red),GLX Aviator WWII Replica Motorcycle Goggles,FERIDIES Reindeer Treats,</p> <p><a href="http://www.swyzzle.com/SWApp/?lid=91384820-a677-4b1a-a066-59be6b711c7e">Rudolph&#8217;s Holiday Wishes!</a><br />

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