Tell me what products you despise…

So in order to showcase Swyzzle’s software and what it can do, I am preparing to switch to video-blogging posts a few times a week. One of the first of these delightful embedded Swyzzle shows will be showcasing “products that suck.”

At one time or another, we’ve all been suckered by those state fair-style hucksters into buying something that seemed so revolutionary at the time, but is now just a terribly useless bit of material. ShamWOW? Sham is right, it’s more like ShamHOWONEARTH do they sell these things for actual money. Vince’s hypnotizing gangster-esque explanation of ShamWOW’s benefits (see picture at left) may be the core moneymaker here. I know I’ve fallen for some of these pitches before…I know you have too. So vindicate yourself–by venting your ire in the comments! Give me some fodder for “products that suck” and next week stay tuned for the comedy that is our consumerism.

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