Swyzzle The World

Recently returning from a vacation in Paris, a friend of mine remarked upon what a chore it has become to share your media online. She enjoys her Flickr and YouTube accounts, but she is disappointed that there really isn’t an easy, comprehensive way to share a slide show of her media clips with her friends and family.

I was, of course, delighted to show her that Swyzzle in fact incorporated everything she was looking for—therefore Great Ideas week continues with today’s submission: Travelogues!

Travelogues can be made with either the Swyzzard or the standard Swyzzle Editor (if you’re looking for something 100% customizable). Swyzzle allows you to upload all of the media from your travels: pictures and video, sound bytes and music. You could even recreate excerpts from your letters with Swyzzle’s rich text editor.

Try using a simple video & pictures format in the Swyzzard and create a slide show of your pictures next to your video narration (easily created with a webcam)—or simply let your clips speak for themselves and add a soundtrack to your show by uploading an .mp3. The possibilities are endless, but one thing is certain: Swyzzle can really put your trip on the map.

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