Swyzzle – Multimedia with a Purpose

We’re big fans of sites like Animoto, a great way to turn photos, video and music into a multimedia movie. We also really like user generated video sites like YouTube and Vimeo that give us a way to share videos. We’re different from those sites in one important way: we’re focused on people who  create multimedia with a purpose.

People join Swyzzle because they create multimedia with a little higher purpose. It might be to make money selling products, to enhance your online personality, or produce compelling visual shows for marketing or sales. And when you have a purpose, you want to know if you are getting the right results: are people watching your shows, do they quit after a couple seconds, do they talk about it with their friends? That’s why we’ve improved Swyzzle by giving you more control over the shows you create and tools to measure the results you are getting.

So if you’re trying to entertain or inform other people, make money from your blog or get your product or business out there in front of people, we’re here for you. We’re working to make it easier to achieve your purpose. What is your purpose? Tell us what you’re doing and what we can do to make it easier.

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