Swyzzle Demonstrated at FutureMedia Georgia

We attended FutureMedia Georgia yesterday at Georgia Tech. The goal of this conference was to explore what’s next in digital, social, and multimedia.


We demonstrated the highlights of Swyzzle to investors and digital media experts, not to mention our entrepreneurial peers.

We demonstrated Swyzzle’s authoring tool, performance reports, embedded shows and the site itself. What was surprising (or not surprising to us) is the excitement over the performance reporting that we have available. Performance reporting for e-commerce sites is often an afterthought. Swyzzle was designed from the start as a platform to build shows that could be enabled as a storefront. With this in mind, we noodled on what author’s might want to know:

  • Did this show make money?
  • How much did it make?
  • What did my viewer’s buy?
  • When did they buy it?
  • Is there some part of this show that they like the most?
  • If they didn’t watch the whole show, when did they quit watching?
  • Is it the same spot where everyone else stops watching?

You can find these reports when you login into Swyzzle and select the My Visitors tab which opens the Author Dashboard. Armed with this type of information, an author can review and tweak their show to make more sales. Authors will know exactly where problem areas are in their show. And by problem, we mean areas where viewers became disinterested and left the show. This is very sought after information in the e-commerce space, let alone for our very own Swyzzle authors.

Build a show, publish it and then go see the Dashboard to find out what your viewers are watching!

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