Swyzzle CEO Explains Our Multimedia Storefront Using Swyzzle

We just posted a new show on the Swyzzle home page that’s a Swyzzle show about Swyzzle. Yeah, if there’s a rule about how many times you can say your company’s name in one sentence, we just broke it. But anyway, the show gives a good idea about what we think you’ll like about Swyzzle.

Here’s what you should notice about the show:

  1. The show was really easy to create. It would have been easier if the talent was more cooperative (I’m talking about me, not the teenagers), but if you can use PowerPoint or Google Presentations, you can jump right into Swyzzle.
  2. All of the clips are stored on our server as files (private, accessible only to the author) played when the show is played. If we decided to change out the “baby drummer” viral video for another one, we could just change that .flv file and the show is immediately updated all over the web.
  3. Playable media (audio and video) play through multiple scenes. That means you can play a 30-second video and cycle through several slides with pictures, text or voice over. We do this in the segment where we talk about Steven Spielberg, my hero.
  4. There are Amazon products for sale in the show. We dropped three products, a drum set, an iPod and the Jaws DVD in the show. Click on the iPod, and the Swyzzle storefront opens on the offer page for the iPod with the other two shown at the top of the page. You can read reviews, do research, add to the shopping cart, and purchase at checkout. If someone buys a product, the author makes money!
  5. The author gets “tracking and reporting” software that provide marketing metrics to better understand customers and help your future marketing strategies.

Swyzzle is fun and easy. You can try it without a login (if you want to keep your show, you’ll need to create a login so we can find it when you come back). If something seems hard or doesn’t work the way you’d expect. You can send a comment while your using it (Help->Email Swyzzle) or put a comment anywhere on this blog and we’ll do something about it. Give it a whirl (should I push it and say “Swyrl”)?

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