Online B2B Lead Generation

We offer B2B lead generation services to help companies with marketing campaigns using Swyzzle shows (or, as we call them, multimedia marketing campaigns). The goal is to find prospects who are looking to buy your products – real, qualified leads that your sales team can pursue. These campaigns are especially effective if your company has a high involvement product or service – where the sale doesn’t normally happen without a demonstration or a problem-solving session.

Here’s how a multimedia marketing campaign project like this works. There are three parts to the campaign:

  • Discovery - Running a successful lead generation campaign begins with identifying the goals of the campaign. First we establish the goals of the campaign, the client’s value proposition, and what materials are available for use in campaigns. Next we identify the target audience for the campaign, including industry, demographics and positions. Finally, we explore the company’s personality to ensure that the content is valuable to the audience and with the client’s brand.
  • Production - During the production phase, we produce a show, an email to send to your contacts, and a multimedia landing page with the show embedded on it – normally in that order. We start by developing a show concept that achieves the goals set down during discovery. The planning process includes story-boarding the show, and selecting documents and web pages viewers will open for more information. Then we’ll produce the show, getting approval along the way to ensure production of a quality show. An email and landing page is created that matches the theme of the show and entices the audience to watch the show.
  • Execution - The email is distributed to the audience and results are tracked. The global analytics captured by the Swyzzle player identify who opened the email, who went to your landing page, how much they liked the show and what they cared about. The analytics measure the success of the show, and identify leads for follow-up by the client’s sales organization. Swyzzle reporting tells identifies which parts of the show viewers are watching and if they followed through to get more information. They also indicate the parts of your show that were of highest interest and which documents were valuable to the audience.

Marketing Services

Swyzzle’s Marketing Services team is a collection of experienced marketing professionals providing consulting for marketing strategy, campaign management and marketing communications.  Our team provides solutions are customized for each of  our client’s  businesses, and focused on measurable revenue ROI.

eCommerce Shopping Cart Support

Swyzzle can implement an adapter to connect our Multimedia Storefront to work with your company’s eCommerce shopping cart. Once the adapter is complete, you’ll be able to place products from your inventory in your Swyzzle multimedia shows, place them on your website, Facebook, Twitter, online marketing campaigns, wherever you choose. Viewers who click on the products while they watch the show will be able to buy them instantly (provided your eCommerce shopping cart is worth a darn).
Media Production

Need help producing high quality content for multimedia? Swyzzle staff will work with you to produce video, voiceover, sound tracks and graphics to make your multimedia pop.


Swyzzle provides group training for clients who need to get their team up and running with Swyzzle faster. Contact us to arrange sessions that meet your schedule and size requirements.