Uploading Media

What do I need to create a show?

To create a show in the Swyzzle Editor, all you.ll need are media files you would like to compile into a show and a little imagination. Check our tutorials for complete instructions on how to create a show.

What media formats does Swyzzle accept?

  • Video: all formats accepted and automatically converted to .mp4
  • Audio: mp3 is best, but you can also use .m4a and .f4a files
  • Images: .jpg/.jpeg is best, but you can also use .png, .bmp, .gif, and .tiff files
  • Text: All text is created inside the Swyzzle Editor and stored automatically on our servers

How big can my clips be?

Swyzzle works best when you limit your file size to less than 10 megabytes, but there are no strict limits on file size at this time. Just don’t upload full movies or television episodes or we’ll have to delete them and give you a stern talking to.

It’s taking a long time to upload my clips to Swyzzle – what’s the deal?

We work very hard to ensure that everything on Swyzzle runs as quickly as possible, but unfortunately some things just take time and are beyond our control. Try uploading smaller files – less than 10 megabytes is good – but if you must upload something gargantuan, try uploading at off-peak hours (nighttime and early morning in North America).

I’ve uploaded my files, now where did they go?

Your files, called “clips” within the Swyzzle editor, can be found in your clip library. All of the clips can be found in expandable menus on the left side of the editor, denoted by shiny blue buckets. Click the buckets to “spill” them and view all clips organized by type of media. If one or more of your files doesn’t show up, check that the file type is one that Swyzzle currently supports.

What kind of web browser should I use?

Swyzzle is compatible with the latest version of Internet Explorer and Firefox, but feel free to try using Safari or Google Chrome–we’ve just had mixed results with these and other less popular browsers. Please do tell us if you encounter a problem and we will do our best to fix it.