Swyzzle Policies

What are Swyzzle’s content policies and terms of service?

Pretty standard stuff – nothing inappropriate, nothing illegal, use your good judgment. The legalese can be found here.

What about content in general — what’s not ok for me to post here?

Keep it PG-13, please. No pornography, no excessive violence. If it’s upsetting our visitors or it looks illegal, we’ll take it down. Whatever you wouldn’t feel comfortable showing your cool Auntie Flo, we’re not comfortable having on the site.

What are Swyzzle’s privacy policies?

We will not sell your information to anyone — bottom line. We will only use your information to send you periodic Swyzzle email updates. We’re people too, though, and know how annoying those can be, so we keep it to a minimum. Again, the legalese is found here.