Swyzzle Editor

I don’t really get what I’m supposed to do here…

The goal of the Swyzzle Editor is to provide an intuitive way for you to make a show (a.k.a. online video) which contains your pictures, videos, music, etc. all arranged and ordered the way you would like. It’s sort of like an online verson of video editing software got married to Powerpoint. It’s great for recommending products on your blog, quickly creating presentations, showcasing your adventures, or showing someone “how-to”.
If you ever get stuck on our site, the easiest and most effective thing to try (besides reading these FAQs) is to watch some shows in our tutorials section. If you’re still stuck after that, please do use the support form under the “help” link on the main page at swyzzle.com.

What are all of these clips and and scenes?

The Swyzzle Editor may seem tricky at first, but you’ll be making world-class shows in no time flat. Each piece of media you upload to the editor — movie files, images, webcam capture, the works –is called a clip. When you drop your clips into the Editor it automatically creates a scene. You can then drop more clips into that same scene, or create new scene.

How do I move clips around?

You can change the order of clips within their common scene simply by dragging and dropping them into the order you would like them to appear, like rearranging train cars.

How can people see my finished show?

When you’ve changed the preferences in your show to be published and public, everyone who searches on the Swyzzle main page can find your show and watch it. If you don’t want everyone to have access, you can just publish your show without making it public. Once a show has been published, you can always give people the direct link to your show so that they can watch it on the site. Also, notice that on your show itself in the lower right corner are two links (one to Twitter, one for Facebook) that allow either you or anyone else to post a link to that show on those social networking sites. If you’re somewhat tech-savvy, you’ll notice that we provide the embed code for you under the “Manage My Shows” tab of the main page (sign-in required). You paste this snippet of code into your blog, website, or even an HTML email and send it around to your heart’s content.