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About Swyzzle

We started Swyzzle because, until now, creating multimedia has been limited to graphic artists and web developers, and we want to provide an easy way for anyone to create and post multimedia on the web. Our mantra has been “it should be easy”. Perhaps you want to tell a story about your travels to the Canary Islands or teach people how to build a bird house. Maybe you want to market your own products or services. It should be easy.

So we created an easy to use editing tool that works like PowerPoint where you can upload files and create multimedia shows. Not just video. Not just pictures. Video, pictures, music, voiceover, text and more – all together in a multimedia show that doesn’t take a two week training class to learn to produce.

Along the way, we realized that we could give creators a way to monetize that media by turning it into a “virtual kiosk” where viewers can instantly purchase eCommerce products. While in the editor, you can search (and soon, other online retailers) for products to promote along with the multimedia. You’re the one creating the multimedia – you get to pick the products that you like that your audience cares about. It’s more of a recommendation than an advertisement.

When all is said and done, you’ll want to know what your audience thinks of your stories and information. With detailed tracking and reporting, you’ll know if your message is getting across. Swyzzle tracks the second-by-second behavior of viewers as they watch the show, and provides reports on the show segments that get the most attention and those that do not. You can use the information to improve your shows.

That’s what we’re all about at Swyzzle.

How-To…Do What You Do Best

Kicking off our Great Ideas week here on the Swyzzle blog is the fabulous “How-To…” show. Everyone has a special talent or skill (so says every mother the world over), and gives you the multimedia edge you need to best communicate to others how to approximate the gift you have been given…

Are you an astronomer? Create a show to describe how to locate the autumn constellations in the night sky. Yoga master? Put the rest of us to shame with the unapproachable perfection of your warrior pose! Using a picture pane to illustrate the step-by-step instructions while you demonstrate and narrate from an adjacent video pane seems to be a perfect format for the how-to show.

Check out our example shows on the mainpage, but please do show off with your own how-to show…we’re certain you have something far more spectacular to contribute!

Scrapbooking 2.0

There are few things I enjoy more than a table full of glitter, glue, paper and ink. If I’m ever looking for a zen moment, the carefully contained mayhem of a scrapbooking workshop is the grown-up equivalent of my kindergarten arts & crafts table and takes me right back into the place where creativity was discovered.

So imagine my delight when we decided to create our second Swyzzle example show with the Scrap Chic Boutique near downtown Atlanta. These lovely ladies take scrapbooking to a whole new level on a daily basis–with elegant flair that doesn’t even hint at the sort of overpowering gluestick-and-doily constructions I’m used to making. 

The Swyzzle team was invited to photograph and film one of the frequent workshops held at the Boutique–this one featured a book signing, embossing lessons, and something mysterious and beautiful called fussy cutting, which I’m told is quite easy but looks like it involves a great deal of creativity and dexterity with scissors. 

Without further ado, we invite you to view our newest show embedded below. Love it, hate it, want to take it out to dinner? Let us know. We crave your comments (even the short ones)!

</p> <p>scrapbooking, scrap, chic, boutique, kitty, foster, fabulous, friendships</p> <p>Fabulous Friendships: Scrapbooking The Relationships That Make Life Fun,Fiskars ProHeater Heat Tool,Fiskars 93027097 Paper Edgers Designer Patterns 6-pack Set,Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments, 12 Colors/Set: Series 3,</p> <p><a href="">Scrap Chic Workshop</a><br />

Bloggers have integrity too, or, guiltless product recommendation

This is big. Forget sliced bread, Swyzzle is now offering a way for bloggers to recommend products without having to compromise any sort of journalistic integrity. In the newest version of the Swyzzle Editor, you will find a new menu from which you can search and add purchasable products directly to your Swyzzle show–so now your readers can find the products you use directly from your website without the use of a store on your page! Here’s the kicker (and we promise we won’t tell): you get money every time someone purchases a product from your show. Yep. No stores, no order forms, no UPS bills, nada–just profit for your site from the products in your Swyzzle show.

It was definitely our biggest Ah-HA moment to date (pause for sentimental sniffle).

There are currently two example shows posted on the main page–”A Morning with the Atlanta Cupcake Factory” and “Scrap Chic Workshop,” so if you’re curious go check them out (or better yet, create a new show yourself).

And cheers to a new way to Swyzzle the web!

Frequently Asked Questions: Beyond the Basics

In the next few days, Swyzzle’s blog will be expanding the FAQ section, enough that we can celebrate it as a brand new page! Right now, we’re reaching the end of new edits that take care of what some may call the more puzzling aspects of learning how to best use Swyzzle. We’ll even have mini-shows giving a screenshot-style look at the specific questions. Be sure to check back with us later this week as this would be the perfect time to look through the FAQs in relation to the main page  and let us know if there’s anything that still doesn’t seem crystal clear.

P.S.-Keep your eyes peeled for cosmetic changes to the blog pages, too! We’re working on a new version that looks much sleeker.

Swyzzle Online Help

We’ve created several ways for you to become familiar with Swyzzle. The following links contain a wealth of information from how to become a Swyzzle member to how you’d create your own Swyzzle show!

Here is a list of available online help:

  • FAQ – Answers to common questions.
  • Getting Started – This is a mini-help page to get you started on creating your own show.
  • Watch Tutorials – A set of tutorials created in Swyzzle to show you how to use Swyzzle.
  • Detailed Help – A Step-by-Step document for those who want a detailed explanation of Swyzzle and how to use it.
  • Swyzzle Help – Swyzzle help Table of Contents (includes all of the above pages)

If you need further assistance, we will be happy to help you! Please email us at

Well done, Flip Camera!

I just wanted to take this momentary break from video editing to praise the equipment Swyzzle has been using to capture video: our delightful Flip Video. For our purposes, this is a stellar piece of equipment. The Flip is tiny enough that our subjects don’t find it impossible to ignore during an interview. Most importantly, however, is the video quality: although it lacks a flash and the ability to use manual focus, I’ve never missed these features even in low lighting. The features it does have are clever: the pop-out usb connection is genius, and the screen is bright and durable with easy-to-navigate buttons. Sound is remarkably clear, although if there is a lot of background noise you may have to use a video editing program after the fact to clean it up.!flip!

Besides Swyzzle shows, I’ve seen these used for home movies, video notes, and video blogging…and nearly everyone I’ve talked to has loved their Flip from day one. They’re the video equivalent of carrying around a digital camera in your pocket wherever you go–and they’re rugged enough to take the beating of everyday use. I highly reccommend you check them out…at around $130, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Cupcakes: One More Reason To Try Swyzzle.

One sunny morning a few weeks ago we were invited to film a Swyzzle show with The Atlanta Cupcake Factory–it was a tough job, hanging out in owner Jamie Fahey’s cozy Virginia Highlands bakery all morning, but somebody had to do it. But not to fear, the Swyzzle team is always ready to handle your next cupcake [eating] emergency. 

Besides being there in person, Jamie’s creations are best viewed in this Swyzzle show we created discussing the finer points of her amazing business:

These are, without a doubt, the most singularly delicious cupcakes we’ve ever tasted. Don’t take our word for it though–if you live near Atlanta, go visit Jamie in person and be sure to try the Chocolate Raspberry. If you live further afield, you can special order boxes of cupcake magnificence from her website

Welcome to a brave new Swyzzling world

Dear denizens of the internet,

In our quest to create Swyzzle, we read a lot of blogs about technologies like AJAX and Flash, media companies like CNN, and social networking sites like YouTube and Facebook. While some of them were entertaining and informative, they all would have been more effective if they had mixed media. So Swyzzle works the same way you upload videos to YouTube or pictures to Flickr, you can upload media clips like video, pictures, sound and text. Then, you build your show by dragging your clips right onto the player and arranging them, kind of like you are making a scrap book.

After we chose bloggers as our target market, we set up meetings with between 10 and 20 of them to test our product concept. One meeting with pizza pro Jeff Varasano, who counted over half a million readers of his blog dedicated to how to make the perfect pizza, told us that his income from Google AdSense is a paltry $100 every two months. And because he recommends it, people who read his blog spend $500 on the mixer, pizza pans and spatulas[JO1] he uses. He doesn’t want his web site to be a store, so he gets nothing. We left the meeting with the goal for Swyzzle to help bloggers like Jeff make money from the products they recommend, while preserving their objectivity.

We decided that Swyzzle should connect the reader to the recommended products. So Swyzzle connects the blogger, the reader and’s inventory.[JO2] The result is that Swyzzle lets show authors insert a product thumbnail inside the show for any product he recommends. If the viewer chooses to buy the product, the author gets a commission on the sale. If 100 people bought the mixer because of Jeff’s recommendation, he’d make $2000-$4000. This possibility sounded a lot better to Jeff–and we’re hoping it lights you up as well.

We hope you enjoy using Swyzzle. We’re confident in our diagnosis of the issues facing bloggers today and our creation of this solution. Let us know what you think, and stay in touch.


Mark Krikorian

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