Should I be Doing Multimedia and Video Lead Generation Campaigns?

How do you know if you should be running Multimedia and Video Lead Generation Campaigns? Here’s what we mean by a multimedia and video lead generation campaign. These are marketing campaigns that use video (like a YouTube video) or multimedia (videos, pictures, text with audio and links or forms, etc.) to entice a prospect to “raise his hand” and say he is interested in your product or service. Usually, it starts with an email invitation to a landing page on a web site. The email invitation summarizes the content in the show and provides a link directly to landing page with embedded video or multimedia. The video or multimedia should be informative and entertaining.

What’s the alternative to multimedia and video lead generation campaigns? A landing page that contains text and images – that is, a basic web page. The advantages of a multimedia landing page are 1) it is more engaging than a basic web page and 2) you can handle subjects that are more complex. On the other hand, you can pop out a basic web page very quickly and search engines handle them well.

So what’s the answer? Whether you should be doing multimedia and video lead generation campaigns depends on your company and its products or services.

Ask yourself these questions:

Is yours a high-involvement sale?

If your customers need to see a demonstration or take it for a test drive before they buy your product or service, yours is a high-involvement sale. Good examples are complicated electronics or machinery. A multimedia lead generation campaign can jump-start your sale by showing your customers the product as it would solve their problems.

If you need to establish a high level of trust with your customers before they’ll buy, you also have a high-involvement sale. Example: consulting services. Video of satisfied customers, direct results and improvements – almost like a video resume – helps establish that trust.

How much does your product cost? As a rule of thumb, if your product is over a thousand dollars your customer will need to justify the cost and likely want to test drive it.

Is your product or market new or innovative?

With new products and markets, it can be difficult to explain in words what makes your solution better. Multimedia lead generation demonstrates how your company solves problems and interactively, allowing prospects to qualify themselves as a high quality sales lead. You might even set up a series that moves them through your marketing funnel.

Do you have video you could use?

Video production presents a challenge for many companies. Using video that already exists product demonstrations, testimonials, corporate promotions or webinars simplifies multimedia and video lead generation campaigns. Find good quality content that your customers like and use that to generate leads.

Are you generating enough leads now?

Most companies tell us they don’t generate enough leads for their sales team. Multimedia and video lead generation can generate 5-10x the number of leads that web pages can. If your marketing budget includes print advertising or industry trade shows, you should consider reallocating funds to online lead generation campaigns because the cost-per lead is much lower. Online lead generation produces more leads, and those leads can be better tracked for return on investment.

And one important point!

Follow up on your leads. Obvious, right? But lead follow-up is where many companies falter in their lead generation efforts. The likelihood of closing a sale drops the longer the delay before contacting the lead. It is important that you capture your leads and follow up as soon as possible.

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