New Updates to Swyzzle

We’ve been very busy the last few weeks! There are some enhancements that you should know about. We have been listening to our users and have worked tirelessly to improve the useability of Swyzzle. Below are a couple of key changes that we think you’ll appreciate.

Swyzzle Looks a Little Like PowerPoint

When you click Create a Show in Swyzzle, the editor will open. Then, if you upload and drag a video into the player and put nothing else into the show, you’ll have one scene displayed. If you decide to add text, images, sound, callouts or more videos, you will have many more scenes. Scenes represent a change in what is displayed on the player. If you like to move things around a lot during your show (like I do), you’ll create a new scene as something moves on or off the player. When you building a show, it may help to think of a scene as a slide in PowerPoint.

I’ll give you an example of a show with three scenes. I’ve called it: “I Love My Poodle”

First, I’m going to display a show title, “I Love My Poodle”, as rich text. Each scene has a duration, I’ve set my title to display for 2 seconds. (Scene 1)

Second, I’m going to run a short video of my poodle. My video is 10 seconds, so, I’ve set my scene to 10 seconds. (Scene 2)

In the third scene, I give a clickable link ( for a poodle rescue organization and another link to a book from called Everything About Poodles. This image is clickable, so you can purchase the recommended book from Amazon — right then and there. (Don’t forget show authors get a commission for purchases made from their show) I’ve set this scene to 4 seconds. (Scene 3)

<p> &lt;p&gt;The Everything Poodle Book: A complete guide to raising, training, and caring for your poodle (Everything Series),&lt;/p&gt;<br /> &lt;a href=&#8221;;&gt;I Love My Poodle&lt;/a&gt; </p> <p>

We’ve Got Your Number (in $$$)

We are now keeping detailed records of every time someone clicks an Amazon product on your show and “proceeds to checkout”. This is important because that’s how you get paid the commission you deserve.

New home page


It’s more informative as to what Swyzzle is and why you’d want to use it.

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