New Swyzzle Show Editor to be Released

Within the next week, we'll be announcing the release of our new, improved Show Editor.

The feedback we've been getting tells us that Swyzzle's show editor is not as easy as we thought. After much hand wringing, the show editor is now being tweaked to have an MS PowerPoint look-and-feel. Have you ever used PowerPoint? Then, you'll be comfortable with creating a Swyzzle show!

Here's a snapshot of the new show editor:

New Swyzzle Editor


When you look at the editor you'll see "slides" along the left side of the editor (like PowerPoint). However, in Swyzzle, we don't call these slides, we call them scenes. Scenes are created when the content of the show changes. With the new editor, you can click through can each scene to make your changes.

Let's say you wanted to play a video about how to make cupcakes and while the video plays you want to add instructions in text. When instructions change, a new scene would be created. The video can be running continuously through all the show's scenes in the exact same position and size while the instructions come up.

To further simplify creating a Swyzzle show, we've been able to eliminate terminology and concepts that were potential "confusers". Removing new concepts, reduces the time it takes to "get it" and that's what we are shooting for.

We hope you'll create a show and let us know if we've hit the mark.

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