New site design causes dancing in the street.

Well, maybe only metaphorical dancing, since our fingers are frozen to the keyboard during this southern cold snap! Still, we’re thrilled to show you the complete design overhaul that we’ve been working so hard on these last couple of weeks. Based on the feedback we received, we used this redesign to address useability flaws and to make Swyzzle more fun to navigate.

Now it’s easier to…


Find out what Swyzzle is about and what you can do on the site

Navigate to the Swyzzard and the full-featured Editor without any confusion

Shop for products and get ideas about what products to attach to your show with our marketplace powered by Amazon
signin, join, help

Sign in as an existing user and enjoy making free embeddable shows for your site or emails.

Register to join Swyzzle with just your name and email.

Find the help documents and support you need if you’re stuck.

Definitely head over to the main page to see how we put your feedback into action. Thanks to everyone who helped critique the site. Just because Swyzzle looks snazzier now doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear from you–we need to know how the new design works! Drop us a line or a comment and let your impressions be heard.

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