Improve Lead Generation

Video and multimedia simply engage and excite your prospects better than static web pages. In fact, prospects are over 49% more likely to respond to a call-to-action on a landing page containing video and multimedia. Emotional stories are better told with video. More complicated messages are easier to understand with a demonstration or instructional video.

Unlike video sharing sites, Swyzzle is specifically for business marketers to create and deliver video for marketing products and services. Unlike video, you can add your own calls-to-action to help your prospects get more information and qualify themselves as a hot lead.

Along with dropping media in the show, you can also add eCommerce buy links,  links to documents and web pages, and other Swyzzle shows. We provide analytics to identify leads and measure the success of your campaigns.

It’s simple:

  • You upload your media clips and create a Swyzzle show
  • Place the embed tag we provide on your web pages to post the show
  • Use the web page for email marketing or just to improve your web site
  • Check the Swyzzle analytics to see your results

You can use Swyzzle for:

  • Email prospecting
  • Newsletter content
  • eCommerce videos
  • Website content

Learn more about the Swyzzle platform:

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