Engage Your Visitors

Compared to static web pages with pictures and text, websites with video and multimedia are better marketing tools. Multimedia helps prospective customers develop a stronger emotional connection to a brand. It’s easier to learn about a complex product or see it in use.

The Swyzzle platform was built to simplify putting video to use on any website. You can create multimedia shows using our multimedia authoring system, uploading media clips to our website and dragging and dropping them into a show. It’s as easy as using PowerPoint or KeyNote.

You can embed your shows on any web page, and we stream the show for you. If you change the show your changes appear instantly. And as soon as you embed the show, you can use our reports to track the success of your shows. You can use Swyzzle shows for email marketing, website content, or to help partners and agents sell you products and services.

Learn more about the Swyzzle platform:

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