Drive eCommerce Sales

Most companies using video for eCommerce put how-to or demonstration videos on merchandise pages as a conversion tool that helps shoppers gain comfort before making a purchase. Unfortunately, the video would have been much more helpful to the shopper while they were researching the problem they are trying to solve.

Swyzzle lets you use those videos to create a multimedia show that becomes a storefront – or as we call it, a Multimedia Storefront. Anyone can create a multimedia show with links to product pages where the viewer can purchase products as they watch the show. No matter whose website the show is on, the viewer can click on the link and buy the products.

Let’s say you just searched French cooking and found a blog post on how to make crepes, and the post has a Swyzzle show with a video showing how to cook crepes. The show features a group of products from All-Clad, that appear in the PromoPad below. At any point you can click on the link and buy a crepe pan or other products highlighted in the video. This drastically reduces the likelihood that the viewer will search and buy a competing product.

That same Swyzzle show could be placed on many third party blogs and websites, used for email marketing, and used as web content for the eCommerce company. The show become an online infomercial with a built-in conversion.

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