Convert prospects

After you’ve created an emotional connection with your audience using video or multimedia, you need your prospects to take the next step and convert. Conversion rate is directly related to how easy it is to respond for the prospect to take action. Calls-to-action must be near the content to prevent distractions. By closing the gap between the content that gets them interested and the calls-to-action that convert them, Swyzzle converts prospects more effectively than plain video.

The Swyzzle platform is built especially for businesses to use video and multimedia for marketing. Using our simple multimedia authoring tool, anyone can create shows that look great and convert prospects into leads and customers. The shows can be easily embedded on any web page, just like a video, but calls-to-action added when the show is made stay with the show no matter where it appears. The marketer controls the content, even if it resides on a partner website or a blog.

Our reporting and analytics tell you when the show was watched, where it was located and what the viewers were most interested. It has sophisticated lead scoring to help you follow-up on leads. It’s a business platform to help businesses market and drive sales.

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