For Video Production Companies

The business of video production is constantly changing. On one hand, internet users have grown to prefer video over other media on the web. On the other, inexpensive equipment and tools have turned anyone with a mobile phone into a video producer.

The good news is that even with all the excitement and hype around user-generated content, professionally produced content is still better than UGC. Of YouTube’s top ten most viewed videos, most likely seven or eight are professionally produced. Paradoxically (sort of), web video viewers despise 15-second pre-roll and post-roll advertising, yet they are perfectly satisfied to watch longer promotional content on their own terms. This creates a tremendous opportunities for video production companies.

The growth in popularity of video on the desktop provides an opportunity for clients to use video for marketing. Swyzzle lets businesses use video for online lead generation campaigns, and as content for multimedia landing pages. Video content can include product demonstrations, facility tours, or interviews with employees or industry experts.

Swyzzle provides a means for video production companies to provide new value for their clients.

Media Player with measurement and tracking

Our media player captures data on each viewing session, monitoring how much of the media was watched and which calls-to-action responses occurred. Analytics identify the viewers’ level of engagement with the media. Reports allow the creator to measure, improve and even run focus groups to maximize results.

Improved conversion rates

High-quality, engaging video generates the emotional energy needed for your prospects to take the next step and convert. But that’s not enough – conversion rate is directly related to how easy it is to respond for the prospect to take action. Calls-to-action must be near the content to prevent distractions. Closing that gap is an important part of Swyzzle’s multimedia marketing platform.

Reporting and Analytics

We collect and analyze data on prospect engagement to report the success of video and multimedia marketing campaigns using the detailed tracking and analytics. We analyze every viewer’s level of engagement with your content and responses to produce activity reports and lead scores.  Reports identify which leads are the hottest, what prospects watched, down to second, and their responses to calls-to-action.

For ad agencies, implementing advertising campaigns utilizing rich media translates into measurable ROI, higher client satisfaction and retention.

Learn how Swyzzle’s platform creates value for video production companies with:

Media Player
Reporting and Analytics
Lead Scoring
Multimedia Authoring System
Multimedia Storefront