For Sales Executives

for sales executives

Now more than ever a sales organization needs marketing campaigns that generate highly qualified sales leads. Leads that turn into sales opportunities that close.

Most companies don’t generate enough leads for their sales team. Multimedia and video lead generation can generate 5-10x the number of leads that web pages can. If your marketing strategy is weighted toward print advertising or industry trade shows, you should consider reallocating funds to online lead generation campaigns because the cost-per lead is much lower. Online lead generation produces more leads, and those leads can be better tracked for return on investment.

High-quality, engaging video generates the emotional energy needed for prospects to take the next step. Particularly for high involvement or complex sales, video helps give prospects the comfort and information needed to raise their hands and ask for contact.

Report the success of your video and multimedia marketing campaigns using the detailed tracking and analytics we provide. We analyze every viewer’s level of engagement with your content and responses to produce activity reports and a lead score. You’ll know which leads are the hottest and what your prospects watched, down to second, and their responses to calls-to-action.

Learn how Swyzzle’s platform improves marketing and lead generation with:

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