For Marketing Service Providers

Swyzzle for marketing service providers

Marketing service providers are under intense pressure to produce high, measurable return on the marketing investment by adding opportunities to the sales pipeline. Successful execution of marketing and lead generation campaigns hinges on producing relevant content that converts prospects into qualified sales leads. Research data confirms that these pressures continue to drive the transformation from offline to online marketing channels, along with the trend to video and rich media as the most effective online marketing media.

Improved conversion rates

High-quality, engaging video generates the emotional energy needed for your prospects to take the next step and convert. But that’s not enough – conversion rate is directly related to how easy it is to respond for the prospect to take action. Calls-to-action must be near the content to prevent distractions. Closing that gap is an important part of Swyzzle’s multimedia marketing platform.

Reporting and Analytics

We collect and analyze data on prospect engagement to report the success of video and multimedia marketing campaigns using the detailed tracking and analytics. We analyze every viewer’s level of engagement with your content and responses to produce activity reports and lead scores.  Reports identify which leads are the hottest, what prospects watched, down to second, and their responses to calls-to-action.

For marketing service providers, implementing marketing and lead generation campaigns utilizing rich media translates into higher customer satisfaction and retention.

Learn how Swyzzle’s platform improves marketing and lead generation with:

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Reporting and Analytics
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