For Marketing Executives

Swyzzle for marketing executives

Promote your products, services, your brand, using video and multimedia. And close the gap between your prospects’ excitement and conversion.

High-quality, engaging video generates the emotional energy needed for your prospects to take the next step and convert. Unfortunately, there’s a gap between that experience and the steps you want a prospect to take. That gap can be filled by either a search that produces your competitor, or other office distractions that end your conversion chances. Closing that gap is an important part of Swyzzle’s multimedia marketing platform.

Report the success of your video and multimedia marketing campaigns using the detailed tracking and analytics we provide. We analyze every viewer’s level of engagement with your content and responses to produce activity reports and lead scores. You’ll know which leads are the hottest, what your prospects watched, down to second, and their responses to calls-to-action.

Learn how Swyzzle’s platform improves marketing and lead generation with:

Media Player
Reporting and Analytics
Lead Scoring
Multimedia Authoring System
Multimedia Storefront