For Advertising Agencies

for advertising agencies

The role of Ad Agencies has become complicated as consumers spend more of their time interacting with brands online. Marketing strategy is more results oriented, with clients stressing campaigns that produce data to support a measurable return on investment.

The drop in the cost of media production tools has allowed new media producers to easily create mediocre quality product at very low cost. While clients continue to demand high quality media production, the availability of low cost media puts immense pressure on ad agencies.

Swyzzle provides a means for ad agencies to provide new value for their clients.

Media Player with measurement and tracking

Our media player captures data on each viewing session, monitoring how much of the media was watched and which calls-to-action responses occurred. Analytics identify the viewers’ level of engagement with the media. Reports allow the creator to measure, improve and even run focus groups to maximize results.

Improved conversion rates

High-quality, engaging video generates the emotional energy needed for your prospects to take the next step and convert. But that’s not enough – conversion rate is directly related to how easy it is to respond for the prospect to take action. Calls-to-action must be near the content to prevent distractions. Closing that gap is an important part of Swyzzle’s multimedia marketing platform.

Reporting and Analytics

We collect and analyze data on prospect engagement to report the success of video and multimedia marketing campaigns using the detailed tracking and analytics. We analyze every viewer’s level of engagement with your content and responses to produce activity reports and lead scores.  Reports identify which leads are the hottest, what prospects watched, down to second, and their responses to calls-to-action.

For ad agencies, implementing advertising campaigns utilizing rich media translates into measurable ROI, higher client satisfaction and retention.

Learn how Swyzzle’s platform creates value for ad agency clients with:

Media Player
Reporting and Analytics
Lead Scoring
Multimedia Authoring System
Multimedia Storefront