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Multimedia is better than simple video – more engaging, persuasive, and effective. In recent years, video has become the tool of choice for online marketing and social networking. But research supports the widely-accepted notion that multimedia – which combines video with graphics, photos, music, text and more – is the most effective communication tool, enhancing message retention, clarity and interactivity.

Swyzzle’s all-in-one Multimedia Storefront can drive more customers faster to your company’s shopping cart. Compared to traditional online marketing tools, the Multimedia Storefront provides customers with a more focused and direct path to purchase. There is no website to navigate, no distractions and fewer “exit points” where a customer might abandon the experience. And less exits means more sales.

Swyzzle is perfect for companies doing social media marketing. A Swyzzle multimedia show can be posted on Facebook, Twitter, anywhere on the web. As social media marketing continues to grow, Swyzzle becomes even more valuable to marketers.

Companies can white label Swyzzle as their own Multimedia Storefront. Swyzzle is changing the way online marketing works. Your company can be seen as leading that change by white labeling Swyzzle to create own branded Multimedia Storefront.

For media content owners: monetize your content by integrating product placement with content. Drop your media into Swyzzle.s Multimedia Storefront. Then, drop products you want to promote adjacent to your media. just monetized your content.

For ecommerce software vendors: differentiate yourself by adding Multimedia Storefronts to your product offerings. Partner with Swyzzle and embed the Multimedia Storefront into your offering. You’ve just transformed your ecommerce software into a multimedia marketing platform for your customers.

For individuals: make money off Within your show, you can recommend any products from Amazon to your web community, and they can click to buy directly from the show. The larger your community, the more products you promote, the larger the commissions you receive.

For individuals: turn your presence in social media into “Must-See TV”. Everyone posts video nowadays. But almost no one posts multimedia, because they can.t create it. Now you can – making your online presence more compelling, more entertaining.

For bloggers: monetize your blog and make it visually compelling. Whatever the subject, chances are there are Amazon products relevant to your blog. In your Swyzzle show, you can review, recommend, and discuss those products, and earn money every time your audience buys.

For everyone: Create a Stir…with Swyzzle.