Reporting and Analytics

To help show creators make informed decisions about how to increase the effectiveness of multimedia marketing campaigns, Swyzzle tracks the viewing and purchasing activity whenever a show is watched. Like other media sharing sites, we track where shows are embedded and how many times they were watched.

Reporting and Analytics

In addition, we track the number of times each viewer watched each segment of the show so that we can report on whether viewers lose interest in the show and quit watching. We also track products viewers click on to start shopping, products they add to the cart, and products that were purchased.

Swyzzle provides detailed reports to give show creators a complete view of who is watching the show, where they are watching it and how effective the media clips in the show are at keeping the viewers’ attention.

Here are some examples of the information we gather:

Viewer Profile

  • Web site location of the show
    Geographic location of the viewer based on IP address
    Email address of the viewer (if viewing by invitation)

Show Statistics

  • Number of views
    Geographic distribution of viewers
    Graph showing the number of times each segment was viewed

Product Statistics

  • Products featured in each show
  • Number of times each product triggered a shopping session
  • Products added to a shopping cart
  • Quantity of each products purchased
  • Revenue generated for each product

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