Multimedia Authoring System

Swyzzle members use the Multimedia Authoring System to create shows by first inserting media clips, including video (YouTube video, Flash video, mpeg, mp4, motion jpeg, etc.), audio (mp3), and images (jpg, png, gif). Text and conversation bubbles can also be added using a built-in text editor. Any image can be used as a link in the PromoPad by designating to appear on the PromoPad and setting the link title and location.

Swyzzle Multimedia Authoring SystemMembers can search supported eCommerce systems for products, and choose products to insert into their show. They have the option to display products in the multimedia show or only display them in the product carousel below the show. By adding new scenes to the show, new clips can be shown and changes can be made to the way the show looks or sounds. Using Scenes, effects can be added and products can be choreographed with the rest of the content. A drag-and-drop time line makes setting up the show and scene timing simple.

When the show is ready it can be published to the Swyzzle web site as a public show or embedded on any web site using an html embed tag – just like a YouTube video.

  • Easy to use – no need to be a web developer or video producer
  • Works from a browser – supports standard browsers and operating systems

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