Media Player

Swyzzle media playerAfter you’ve created an emotional connection with your audience using video or multimedia, will your visitors take the next step to make a purchase or learn more?

More than a simple video player, Swyzzle’s media player has a “PromoPad” below where you add calls-to-action so the visitors can take the steps you want them to. It closes the gap between the viewing experience and conversion. Set up your own calls-to-action including eCommerce buy pages, web pages, and documents.

Our media player captures data on each viewing session, monitoring how much of the media was watched and which calls-to-action responses occurred. Analytics identify the viewers’ level of engagement with the media. Reports allow the creator to measure, improve and even run focus groups to maximize results.

  • Plays virtually every digital video format
  • View tracking – records what viewers watch, and their call-to-action responses
  • Embeds on any web page on all browsers
  • Email-forwarding – invite others to watch, then track their views
  • Sharing on Facebook and Twitter

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