Lead Scoring

One of the most difficult challenges in lead generation campaigns is to ensure that highly qualified leads are contacted promptly.  As the marketing campaign happens, the hottest leads are flagged for immediate follow-up — improving the marketing campaign ROI.

Improved lead scoringHow does it work? The lead scoring technique measures and scores how the people who respond to your Swyzzle campaigns (your leads) watch and interact with the Swyzzle show. The viewing habits of all viewers and interaction with PromoPad items below the show and other factors are collected and analyzed to compute the score. Some of the factors which are included in the scoring include:

  • Total Length of viewing time – indicating quality and viewer interest in the show
  • Number of views – indicating level of interest in the content of the show
  • Number of clicks on PromoPad items – showing interest in a particular topic related to the item clicked.
  • Number of repeated segments viewed during a session – showing interest in a particular portion of a show
  • E-commerce item clicks on PromoPad – indicating specific interest in a product offered during the show

As data is collected for each new lead generation campaign the analysis learns and improves, producing more refined results.

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