Multimedia Storefront

Whether you are selling to businesses or consumers, you can do eCommerce Marketing by producing Swyzzle multimedia shows with products linked within your shows. You can embed one or more calls-to-action for the viewer that take them directly to buy pages for eCommerce products. Check out the example, “The Present”, created by Jacki Schklar. The link at the bottom takes you to eCommerce “Buy” page for the Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera featured in the show.

B2C eCommerce Marketing using SwyzzleHow does it work? First, you drag-and-drop your own multimedia files – text, video, audio, music, graphics and photos – into “scenes” of your show. Then, right from the Swyzzle interface, you can search for products from and drop them into your show, creating your own online Multimedia Storefront. As each product is promoted in your show, viewers can click on the product and buy it through the Swyzzle shopping cart. Or you can create a link to products in your own eCommerce system.

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