Increase Conversion Rates with MultimediaSwyzzle is an online platform that empowers marketers to use video with built-in calls-to-action for marketing and lead generation.

Create landing pages using Swyzzle, and we capture detailed analytics used to convert viewers into qualified sales leads. You’ll know where they came from, what they watched, the dates and times they watched and what products and services they are most interested in.

But Swyzzle is more than a video player with sophisticated analytics. It pushes visitors through a lead generation funnel and qualifies them as sales leads. Within the show you can place links to other documents, web pages and even “Buy here” links so prospects can take instant action. Swyzzle tracks the links the viewer clicked, so you know what product or service interests him.

There are several ways companies use Swyzzle:

  • Multimedia landing pages for email marketing campaigns
  • Product demonstrations for their web sites
  • Multimedia content for the blog
  • Corporate promotional videos

You can use the media you already have with Swyzzle. For example, if you have product demos, corporate videos or recorded webinars, you can drop them into a Swyzzle show. From there, all that is left is to save the show and paste a code on the web page to get the show up and running and collecting analytics.

Learn more about Swyzzle’s platform for marketing and lead generation:

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