Multimedia Marketing Lessons from a Domino’s Web Video Ad

Ever wonder why, in commercials, the pizza looks so good? Online Lead Generation

I’ve never had a pizza delivered that looks as good as the ones in the ads. We thought you’d enjoy this video on how they do it, and at the same time offer some lessons on online multimedia marketing. So, here’s an online video ad for Domino’s that accomplishes all the things you should strive for in a multimedia marketing campaign. This video is entertaining and informative, and the quality is excellent.

Let me warn you, that there’s a pre-roll ad before the actual video, which is pathetic. One day, old school broadcasters are going to figure it out. I hate pre-roll ads, and so does everybody else. And the whole is an awful web site chock full of lessons of what not to do on a video content site. But go ahead and tolerate it just this once.  And don’t close your browser until you’re done, or you’ll have to watch another stupid pre-roll ad.

Watch the Ad:

What makes this a good video ad?

Length: 3:07 – The video is a little long, but still short enough so you want to watch the whole thing. We recommend an online video ad duration of 1-2 minutes, but strongly recommend keeping the video ad time under 2:30. If you’re thinking of going longer, your production quality needs to be very high or it will get boring or annoying.

Production quality: very high – This is a big budget video with clips from an actual 30-second spot embedded within it. The things to notice are the audio quality – very clean and consistent, and the video quality- no distracting camera movement, crisp transitions and good lighting.

Informative – a behind-the-scenes look at advertisement production is interesting because while you see ads all the time, you don’t really know how it’s done. It feels like your being let in on a secret.

Entertaining – there’s some light and self-deprecating humor throughout. They don’t seem to be taking themselves too seriously.

General – it doesn’t appear like an ad until the very end when there’s a little plug telling you they should just go to a real store. A shameless plug would ruin the whole thing.

Good content starts with a good subject and ends with good production. I hope this helps you with creating your own online videos.

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