Is Your Lead Generation Providing Value to Your Market?

I ran across an interesting post on Paul Dunay’s blog, Buzz Marketing for Technology. In his post, “Shadow Pipeline – accounting for the missing dollars“, he writes, “Just because you decided to throw an event at the beginning of the year doesn’t mean anyone wanted to buy your solution or even had the funding to buy your solution. Budget cycles dictate this ebb and flow.” He makes a great point that a lot of technology marketing departments miss.

When I talk to people about B2B online lead generation, they act like their entire target market is in the midst of a purchase. You have to stay in contact with your target market when they aren’t buying so that when they are ready buy they know and trust you. And you need to be providing value to your target market so they want to hear from you. How? Give them tools and answers that help them do their jobs better every day. Share what your customers are teaching you about best practices, new products, and industry events.

Provide real value, and your future customers will remember you when it’s time to talk.

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