Increase Your Online Sales by Double?

We are betting on it! According to Anna Yeaman,,

“Video can double your email click-through rates, and increase online sales. A video gift guide is a no brainer. Place it on your homepage, in emails, YouTube, Facebook and all your other social media sites.”

While building Swyzzle we’ve noticed a lot of missed opportunities where bloggers could increase their income by selling merchandise they quietly endorse. How do you quietly endorse something? The reader of your blog has found YOU. You have the readers attention! You are not pushing a product, you are simply sharing your knowledge.There’s your opportunity to add an interactive engaging Swyzzle show to your blog while making it a snap to order that merchandise you love to blog about. Now, you are providing a great convenience to your readers AND increasing your income.

We like to use our local pizza expert, Jeff Varasano,  to drive the point home. Jeff has a very popular blog about pizza because he is passionate about it. On his site, he writes about how he makes pizza that tastes just like his favorite pizza place in NYC. He loves to explain the intricate details of how he makes his awesome pizza. However, he doesn’t earn a dime from all the endorsements he makes in his blog. He has no way to receive a commission from all those high end blenders he’s grown to love and recommend, but readers went out and bought them! The blender manufacturer made money, but not him!  It’s a shame, because he could have created a Swyzzle show (with the blender included) and he would have earned a percentage of the purchase price of each blender purchased from his show.

Almost everyone has something they are passionate about and with that passion comes a whole host of stuff they need to feed that passion. If you’ve got a hobby, then you’ve got supplies. And if you’ve got supplies you prefer– recommend them in a Swyzzle show! The Swyzzle show will grab your readers attention AND they’ll be ready, willing and able to click that checkout button.

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