Inbound Marketers’ Dirty Little Secret About Lead Generation

Inbound Marketing is getting a lot of attention these days. Companies and consultants who specialize in inbound lead generation help you draw traffic to your website and blog and convert that traffic into leads with landing pages with offers and forms. Read a few blog entries from these folks and you’ll see some very preachy (and self-serving) stuff about the evils of outbound marketing. They talk endlessly about how your customers don’t want to see your ads or receive emails from you. One site even posted a misleading interpretation of the CAN-SPAM law that implied that if someone didn’t ask to receive your newsletter you were breaking the law.Secrets of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a great strategy, and if you aren’t already actively pursuing it you should start. But at the same time you should be skeptical of the spin from inbound marketing evangelists. Even if they say otherwise, the vast majority of them are actively doing outbound marketing. Why? Because inbound marketing isn’t as effective for finding customers who have never heard of you before. It relies on your rankings in search engines like Google. If your website is not highly ranked it takes time to raise your profile high enough to appear on the first page of a search. Outbound marketing such as email lead generation can help by getting the engine revved up so that people searching for product information find your company. Swyzzle recommends a mix, and we believe that if inbound marketing companies are being honest they do too. For example, at HubSpot email marketing is second only to direct traffic in attracting visitors; beating out paid search, referrals, organic search and social media. Email marketing is also their fastest growing lead generation category. Is all that email traffic coming from newsletter subscriptions? I doubt it.

Don’t be misled by the spin. Make sure you’ve got a good online lead generation mix. Swyzzle isn’t anti-inbound marketing. We’re all about helping to provide good, rich content for any form of online marketing – inbound or outbound – and tracking and reporting to help separate the hot leads from the not-so-hot.

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