How to raise $1 Million during a recession


It seems a bit silly, calling something a “Twestival” (how is that even pronounced?), but the money being raised in hundreds of cities around the globe today for Charity:Water is no joke.

Our favorite hate-to-love-it site,, is the organizational apex of this multi-city fundraiser which hopes to raise $1 million to provide clean drinking water to developing nations. Please join me in attending tonight’s gathering at JavaVino in Atlanta–with musical guests Allison Weiss and The Highway Girl plus a raffle and wine tasting–details here

The impact of this multi-city gathering, as well-intentioned as it is, comes not from
so much as from the implications of such an event. $1 million for a single charity in a single day? In this economy?! It’s no surprise that when times are tough people are more aware of those in need; of course, this also means people have less money to give.

Cue the digital age of giving. The Twestival has been organized and staffed purely by volunteers, and the giving doesn’t have to be big–it could be the change in your pocket after buying your morning coffee. Thanks to a program called TipJoy, lots of people giving just a little adds up. In the digital age, “tipping” what you can to a favorite cause through TipJoy means giving doesn’t have to dent your piggy bank.

Take the spare change from hundreds of thousands of people in cities all over the world, and you’ve got your $1 Million–which, by the way, is enough to provide clean drinking water to about 50,000 people. Click these links if you’re interested in giving, tipping, or attending the Twestival in your area.

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