How-To…Do What You Do Best

Kicking off our Great Ideas week here on the Swyzzle blog is the fabulous “How-To…” show. Everyone has a special talent or skill (so says every mother the world over), and gives you the multimedia edge you need to best communicate to others how to approximate the gift you have been given…

Are you an astronomer? Create a show to describe how to locate the autumn constellations in the night sky. Yoga master? Put the rest of us to shame with the unapproachable perfection of your warrior pose! Using a picture pane to illustrate the step-by-step instructions while you demonstrate and narrate from an adjacent video pane seems to be a perfect format for the how-to show.

Check out our example shows on the mainpage, but please do show off with your own how-to show…we’re certain you have something far more spectacular to contribute!

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