How Has Digital Media Changed Our Marketing Model?

As the CEO of Swyzzle, I was invited to answer this question on

“How has digital media changed your approach to marketing?”

This was a very good question to ask me since this is where our expertise lies. Our business is 100% based on the use of digital media to market our client’s products and services. Here is my response:


5 ways our marketing model has changed due to digital media

  1. We measure and track our results. Digital media allows us to track our leads through every stage of the marketing funnel and sales pipeline. We track the lifetime value of a customer against the cost to acquire that customer. As a result,we’ve shifted marketing efforts from less measurable (for example, print and broadcast) into more measurable (email marketing, CPC, SEO/SEM). We measure both to justify our marketing expense and to ensure we are spending on the most effective strategies.
  2. We focus more on lead generation and less on brand awareness. The ability of digital media to better target specific demographics has increased the ROI of online lead generation. That’s not to say that we don’t put energy into brand awareness – just that brand awareness is secondary to lead generation.
  3. We use video and multimedia marketing. Of course, our company is all about empowering marketers to use video and multimedia for online marketing. And, as Marge Bieler said, that’s because online conversion rates go up by over 40% when video is used. Video engagement is measurable, and can be used for lead generation or as web site content. When used in lead generation campaigns it increases conversion rates, and at the same time drives brand awareness and engagement.
  4. We use social media to humanize our company. The most important social medium for us is our blog. It drives SEO, let’s us educate our market and expose our company’s personality. We use our blog to convert visitors and demonstrate our products in action. We use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn by encouraging our market to talk about us on their social networks, as opposed to creating a lot of content on them.
  5. We are more data-driven. Digital media has made information available to us that informs us about our market. When visitors land on our web site, we know where they are, what platform they’re on, their connection speed and lots of other information. As a result, we can choose marketing tactics that better suit our market. There is a wealth of other data that affects how we communicate with our market.

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