Heads-Up: Quick Bug Report

Timing bar

Recently I discovered a small bug with the timing ruler in the Swyzzle Editor. We’re working on fixing this, but I wanted to share an easy workaround for you in the meantime. This problem manifests itself about 30% of the time we try to open the Editor–the timing ruler simply will not appear.

Until we’re able to find the problem in our code, try dragging the horizontal bar between the upper and lower parts of the editor to resize the timing area. This will jolt the pesky ruler into showing up again.

Hopefully this solution works for you and the bug won’t slow you down too much (it took my furrowed brow ages to figure out this simple workaround, followed by a big hand-to-forehead smack once the obvious finally dawned on me).

Just so you know, Swyzzle will always keep you informed of any glitches or bugs we’re aware of here on the blog. If you spot something that we haven’t, please don’t hesitate to tell us via email, twitter, or by posting a comment to any blog post.

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