Happy New Year from Swyzzle

Happy New Year to Swyzzle members and fans as we look ahead to new opportunities! While 2009 was a difficult year for many of us, we have high hopes and expectations for 2010, and we wish you the very best in yours.

We have a lot happening this year, starting with a visit to the National Retail Federation Annual 2010 trade show in New York, where we’ll be talking about what Swyzzle can do for retailers. We’ll also be releasing an updated web site within a couple weeks to make it easier to find information and help. And very soon we’ll have an announcement to make about some new product features. That’s just what’s happening in January, so you can count on lots more.

We’d like to help you have a successful year. Tell us what your goals are for 2010 and how Swyzzle can help you achieve them.

Here’s wishing you the very best from the Swyzzle team.

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