Grinding away at a brand new Editor

Our developers are hard at work on a Swyzzle Editor that’s faster, simpler to understand, and infinitely sleeker! I saw the work in progress today and I was blown away by the interface. You won’t even need a tutorial for this one. Some of the specifics of how things will work are still up in the air, but rest assured that whatever confusion you may feel working with the Editor as it is now will evaporate when you see this new version. Mum’s the word, of course–I’ll be back with more about this advancement soon.

Swyzzle shot new

In the meantime, we could really use your comments and questions about the Swyzzle Editor and site as it stands right now. Does it load too slowly? Can you easily understand how to make a show? What would you like to see done differently?

Like so many web applications, it’s now in these first steps that your input is crucial–so stop by and take a look around. If you’ve got a minute, drop us a line using the support link on or leave a comment for us here on the blog. Thanks!

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