Going from stumped to stupendous: new tutorials today!

You may have noticed some big changes in the help section this week–new layout, new documents, and a very handy screenshot explaining the new editor to get you started. Hang on to your hats because it's about to get better–instead of one long tutorial which may or may not all be relevant to your learning process, we've broken up the new tutorials into a dozen or so small Swyzzle shows, most of which are 30 seconds or Remember when all computers wanted was to steal your girlfriend? There's nothing like a bad 80s movie about technology.
less. Coming later today you'll see the first batch of these mini-tutorials, including:

  • Changing clip order
  • Show preferences explained 
  • Adding products to your show
  • Tweeting your show
  • Posting your show on Facebook

Suggestions are more than welcome for other mini-tutorials–we want to know where you got stuck using our software so that we can fix it ASAP! Post a comment or drop us a line at support@swyzzle.com.

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