Forbes and Swyzzle love gadgets

What do a robot, a pebble and a helmet have in common? No, it’s not a complicated booby trap–although this year’s Gadgets We Love list from Forbes does read a bit like James Bond’s birthday wish list. After reading the article, we at Swyzzle felt compelled to showcase these genuinely awesome gadgets in the format of a Swyzzle show, showcased below. Standouts in the list include the Pleo, a robotic dinosaur so lifelike reviewers across the internet are comparing it to a mess-free puppy, Asus’s EEE Pc, a highly portable 2-lb laptop starting at an affordable $350, and the scurrying sentinel Rovio, a surveillance robot on wheels controlled by your computer’s Wi-Fi. Both a convenient way to find all products available for purchase in one spot and an excellent cheat-sheet of what’s what in the world of fancy tech toys, our Forbes Swyzzle show would make even Bond’s ever-efficient M jealous: 

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