Five Ways to Make Simple Video More Engaging

For three years Swyzzle has been creating a unique and powerful online creative tool for people that goes beyond typical video offerings. With so many companies touting themselves as video email marketers, our challenge has always been to differentiate Swyzzle from the multitudes of products that are available on the market today.  While we offer the similar functionality in a lot of aspects, there is one significant way that we stand apart from the others: Swyzzle is a multimedia platform.

The Multimedia Advantage

Multimedia video, callout, audio media. All-in-one.

Multimedia is a word we come across often that has different meaning depending on its context. So here is our simplified definition for this context.

Multimedia = images + video + audio + YouTube video + Amazon products + call outs + HTML Rich Text

With Swyzzle, you can upload video, audio and images and arrange the uploaded content on a “stage”. You can create a sequence of your media which plays inside a Flash player.  Now that you know what multimedia means, let’s see why smart marketers choose this platform over plain video marketing.

1) Reduce creative costs through re-use of media

How much money do you spend on employing a creative company to design logos, make videos and other digital media? If you are like most, you’ve seen the waste. A marketing campaign is over and the designs are never used again. What about that expensively produced video you posted on YouTube? YouTube is not the only media outlet for getting viewers. You can re-use your video for an email marketing campaign by including it in a Swyzzle show. And then, track it’s success with Swyzzle’s analytics.

2) Easily replace of outdated media

What happens when you change your company logo? All the digital media you’ve created has to be replaced in every web page where you’re company has promotional media. In a Swyzzle show, you simply replace the image one time and it is reflected in all the shows that use it. Whereas, if the logo is embedded inside a video itself, you would have to do some video editing to get the old image out and the new image in – or create a new promotion video altogether.

3) SEO for all…media

How do you effectively make a YouTube video SEO friendly? We have designed Swyzzle to allow show author’s to apply SEO terms to every piece of media in a show (and the show itself). Once you define your keywords and description of the media in the show, the show packages all those tags from the media into its keywords. If you include a YouTube video about cats, you can create your own keywords for that video. When you create the embed tag for your web page, Swyzzle places all the media’s keywords into the embeddable HTML automatically.

4) Take your video to the next level

What makes a video engaging to watch besides its content? When you watch a YouTube video and something pops up and fades out, it is usually something relevant to the video that you need to know or it can be humorous quips about the action in the video. It doesn’t matter, it’s EASY to do with Swyzzle because you are not EDITING the video itself, you are just dragging an item on to the stage. If you are not a video editor by trade, there is quite a learning curve to edit a video.

Kick it up a notch:

  • Play two videos together side by side. (upload two videos, drag them onto the stage)
  • Overlay your favorite music for a sports video (you can mute the YouTube audio with our editor and use  your music instead).
  • Add lyrics to a song below the video. (use Swyzzle HTML rich text editor and drag the text on to the stage).
  • Frame a video with color or an image. (change the stage background, either just by color or drag an image covering the whole stage)
  • Add “graffiti” of your own over or around the video. (upload some image and drag them over the video)
  • Overlay call outs (conversation bubble) on top of the video. (create a call out in the editor and drop it on the stage)

5) Measure effectiveness of your multimedia show

How do you know if a campaign is successful? A sales uptick is always the most reliable, let’s face it! But it’s a common theme that all online marketing campaigns provide analytics, so it’s pretty much expected that you’ve got to have accurate analytics in the email marketing world. In some of the campaigns we’ve run, it is obvious that certain images and audio are definitely having an impact on the viewership.  Ironically, it’s not always the pretty girl that made the campaign work! So, analytics gave us the real story (FACTS!) of which campaign was successuful! Then, the uptick in sales was the slam dunk confirming it with our analytics reporting. Our analytics could have predicted the sales team informing us of the increased customer interest, but we let them have the fun and tell us all about it.


We are passionate about Swyzzle because we know it’s advantage over other simply video-based media software. To see Swyzzle in action,  watch a sample show and let us know what you think!

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