Favicons: easy as 3.14159

You may have noticed that we’ve recently added our lovely flamingo logo to the icon that appears in your internet browser next to our page name. Many blogging platforms support this tiny icon, called a “favicon.” For TypePad users, it’s especially easy to do…here’s a step-by-step to try on your own blog:

  1. create the image you would like to use, making sure the dimensions are 16 x 16 pixels.
  2. save the file as favicon.ico (standard for favicons), using an icon generator, like favicon from pics
  3. go to the Control Panel on your typepad account, then click on Files
  4. making sure you’re in the “home” folder, upload your favicon.ico 
  5. Voila! Next time your blog is opened, the favicon should appear in your browser’s tab or title window!

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