Ethel Merman Killed by Spam!

Well, actually, the Ethel Merman web site EthelZings that we created to test Swyzzle on a Ning network has been clobbered by Spam. It’s currently hosted on’s social network platform. Not for long, though, because spammers have arrived. First there was a blog post advertising Viagra. We changed the settings to require approval of blog posts. Then came members whose member pages were advertisements for Levitra, Cialis, Oxycontin – none of which have
ever been endorsed by Ethel, as far as we know. It’s all bad news for Ethel Merman and for the disappointed members of the community (the non-spam members, anyway).

It’s Ning’s problem to solve and we’re sure they’ll handle it, but we want to try something different anyway. The site will be moving soon, probably to a hosted Wordpress site.

For a while, you’ll still be able to get to EthelZings at But the show that made it all happen, Ethel Zings Rock – Show #1, is right here. Here it is – Ethel’s debut and, temporarily at least, her swan song:

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