Cupcakes: One More Reason To Try Swyzzle.

One sunny morning a few weeks ago we were invited to film a Swyzzle show with The Atlanta Cupcake Factory–it was a tough job, hanging out in owner Jamie Fahey’s cozy Virginia Highlands bakery all morning, but somebody had to do it. But not to fear, the Swyzzle team is always ready to handle your next cupcake [eating] emergency. 

Besides being there in person, Jamie’s creations are best viewed in this Swyzzle show we created discussing the finer points of her amazing business:

These are, without a doubt, the most singularly delicious cupcakes we’ve ever tasted. Don’t take our word for it though–if you live near Atlanta, go visit Jamie in person and be sure to try the Chocolate Raspberry. If you live further afield, you can special order boxes of cupcake magnificence from her website

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