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10 Video Tips for New Year’s Eve

10 Video tips for New year's EveThis New Year’s Eve will be different from any other. Unless you happen to be spending yours at the Pentagon, every second of the evening there will be a video camera within reach of every  person you meet, stumble over, or kiss. We all have fun stories about past New Year’s Eve parties. I, myself, am glad there isn’t video documenting some of my weaker moments. On the other hand, there are a few events I wish I had proof  actually happened. To help you make the most of yours, I offer these 10 tips for better video, New Year’s Eve style.

#1: Start early – Admittedly, the fun stuff will happen later in the evening, after your friends and family have gotten their social skills lubricated, if you know what I mean. But the flip side (no pun intended) is video quality will correspondingly go down. Plus, you’ll want to see the contrast.

#2: Plant a few cameras at strategic spots – In fact if there is a band, a dance floor or a karaoke machine, make sure there is a camera nearby at all times.

#3: Use an external microphone – If possible, use a camera with an external mic for interviews. You’ll thank me later when the audio doesn’t sound like your subjects were wearing a football helmet and mouth guard.

#4: Get your friends to send you their videos – This is a great way to get B-roll (you know, the secondary video for transitions and scene changes). You might get some good video, too, and for once you might even be in your own movie.

#5: Adhere to the two martini rule – This is really just good New Year’s Eve advice, but I guarantee your video will be better if you follow it. There’s an old saying about martinis (cleansed to keep our PG-rating), “Martinis are like a woman’s, uh, eyes, one’s not enough, three’s two many, and two is just right. Remember, it’s a long night. You want to be behind the camera when things get ugly, not in front.

#6: Eat early and often – Corollary to Rule #5. There’s nothing worse than martinis and champagne on an empty stomach, except a video of you hugging a commode, telling the camera how much you love it.

#7: Do something memorable – Propose a toast, get on the karaoke and sing “Barracuda” or “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”. Someone has to “Get This Party Started”, right? Or you can coax someone else, but I recommend leading by example.

#8: Make the kisses count – Why let all that smooching go to waste? There are people waiting their whole year for an excuse to kiss their dreamboat. Capture the moment, and make a montage.

#9: Edit it – Don’t waste all that effort by just throwing it all together. Edit into something special.

#10: Share it – Upload the video, and share it. You can use Swyzzle to do it, and we’ll tell you who watched it, when they watched it, and what the best parts were.

These may be a different set of tips what you expected, but we at Swyzzle hope they help to make your New Year’s Eve video a little bit better. Have a happy, healthy, and safe  New Year’s Eve. And here’s to a happy and prosperous 2011!